Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wander Reading #4

I have to say I've been ignoring the online media a bit lately since I've been busy with other items, so I don't have any fantastic obscure articles for you this week. Yet I did enjoy a few blog posts this last week.

Financial Jungle has an interesting post on if money can buy happiness.

Four Pillars looks at the emerging markets and finds they are not some attractive.

Money Diva looks at seven ways to dummy proof your auto payments (some good ideas).

Canadian Money write a response post to my recent post on the latest market dip.

Regardless if you didn't like The Four Hour Workweek book, Tim Ferris is now teamed up with google Adwords to provide a $25 free trial to any one who has read the book. Heck I'm likely to check it out to just see about some free advertising.


FourPillars said...

Thanks for the link CD!


Financial Jungle said...

Me too. Thanks for the link. It's been a while since I've written a Jungle Bulletin post so share the love, so I'll do one within the next few days.

Canadian Dream said...


Not a problem. After all they were good posts.