Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Extented Leave from Family

During the last few weeks I've recently got my first idea of what an extended leave from my family feels like. I have to admit I'm not crazy about it so far.

To give you all some background I have travelled a lot with my various jobs before this, but never for this long of a period. I'm going to be just shy of three weeks when I get onto a plane later this week (by the way, this is your fair warning that Friday's post will be up very late). Being away has never bothered me that much before until this time. Why? I have to admit I think it has to do with the kid.

Before leaving my wife was difficult, but I knew she could handle it. Now she has been stuck playing single parent for the last few weeks and I feel guilty leaving her to handle all of that. Also I find after being home for a long period of time that the being away is hard for me as well. Overall it just isn't worth the lose of my personal time being away this long.

So in light of all this I've been laying some ground work with the bosses and the IT people about doing remote projects. As of right now almost everything I have done down here that needed to be done in person could have been done in a week. After that they could have saved a small fortune and shipped me home early and worked out of my Regina office. Phone calls, email, internet and scanning documents could have easily covered the rest. I guess the big issue about this is getting people used to the idea of remote working. I'll keep you all posted on how I do with getting them to accept the idea.


Hank said...

I'm interested to hear how your pitch goes. In my current job, I am able to decide when I get up in the morning whether I need to go in to the office or not. Work has set us up with ip phone soft clients so I can make and take calls from my office number pretty much anywhere I have internet access.
All of the jobs I've had in the last size years at the same company all could have been handled the same way.
Some managers however are old school and need to see bodies in chairs to believe that work is getting done.
Being able to work from home arbitrarily is definitely a huge plus at the job and outweighs many of the minuses.

MillionDollarJourney.com said...

I travel quite a bit with my job also, and we (my wife and I) find it difficult. I can only imagine what it's like leaving a wife AND child for extended periods of time. How is the family holding out without you?


Mr. Cheap said...

What do you guys find the financial benefit is for travelling so much? Fairly signicant? I've never been at a job where I have to regularly travel (although I'd be open to it), do you find the salary reflects the pain of travel?

The Financial Blogger said...

I've once been in Europe for 6 months and I realize something:

The only good things about traveling for job is that it makes you realize how nice is your wife, home, friends... how nice is your life!
Unfortunately, human beings appreciate things when they miss them...

Canadian Dream said...


Thanks for the support. I'll keep you all informed how it goes.


The family is doing fairly well. The kid has been acting up a bit, but nothing too bad. The wife managed to arrange a busy social life while I'm gone to keep her mind off it.


Often there is not much compensation for travel. I liked my last job better for it. Yes I was gone about once a week, but it was only for a night or two. Three weeks in a row is something else entirely.


That is SO true!