Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How I Bought a New Laptop for $140

Recently I had to spend some time out east away from my family. I wasn't too happy about the deal, but it did have one interesting fact to it. I got paid a flat rate for my food expenses of $50/day while I was gone.

This provided an interesting opportunity for me. How much could I save from that daily money to make a little extra profit on the deal? So after moving to a hotel room with a little fridge and microwave and finding out the hotel offered a free breakfast. I found a grocery store and bought some items for making lunches and a few frozen dinners for a couple of suppers. I ate very well overall and even got a few beer for my fridge. I even managed to walk a lot and lose a couple of pounds while I was at it.

Just before leaving on this trip I decided to get a new laptop to assume myself with in the evenings. Hence the reason you had blog post for the last three weeks. I bought a floor model which had a tiny damage in the case. So I got a nice system with a wide screen for just $800, which included taxes and a two year extended warranty.

So after saving my butt off for three weeks on food. I managed to save $660 so after that my new laptop cost my just $140 of my money. I still didn't like being away from my family that long, but at least I got a great deal on a new laptop out of it.


Investoid said...

Nice work, I typically do the same when travelling for work.

I picked up a pretty decent laptop for $650. It was a refurbished Gateway that wasn't selling because no one wants a Vista computer. Since it ain't going anywhere, I decided I'd take advantage of the situation.

Jerry said...

On the other hand, those are $660 you could have saved, have you not purchased the laptop :P

The title is a bit deceiving, but amusing regardless. My 1st thought was like "where where where" until I read the entry

Well, in that case, I got couple laptops for free, Wii too :P

Wooly Woman said...

That's great! My husband does that when he is working out of town- saves the food or living allowance- and we put it towards our debt.

I tagged your blog for a Thinking Bloggers award. Always good reading.

Mr. Cheap said...

Jerry makes a good point ;-).

I had an uncle who told me excitedly that he'd figured out how to get a houseboat for free. He'd buy it, rent it out to people to cover the purchase price and expenses, then use it for free when he wanted to.

I said "great, or you could get it free by working at a job, taking the money they pay you, and buying the houseboat with it."

Good for you for finding some cash (I'm amazed how much food choices can affect your cashflow), and it sounds like the laptop was a good purchase (although Jerry succinctly makes the point, the two are somewhat unconnected :-)

MillionDollarJourney.com said...

Wow, congrats on saving the cash!

I'm typically a frugal person, but when I'm traveling and the company pays, I eat like a king. Steaks and Shrimp for me! :)


Canadian Dream said...


Well sorry if I got your hopes up. I was just trying to come up with a good hook for the post.


Thanks! It nice to know you enjoy the blog.

Mr. Cheap,

Actually just about everything can change your cash flow. Your right about food choices. I feed a family of three for about $300/month which includes all the cleaning supplies and other household goods.


I still had a couple of good meals while I was gone, just not every night.


Jordan Clark said...

$300 a month for food and household goods? Now that's something I'd like to see a post with some detail on!

I have a family of 4, and we spend probably $800/month on food/supplies (includes diapers). We never go to restaurants or starbucks, we shop primarily at walmart and costco to buy in bulk, we even cut of own meat.

We try to buy some healthier foods, but I just don't get how your could save so much more, please enlighten us!

Canadian Dream said...


Sure that's a great idea for a post.

By the way, we use cloth diapers during the day with the kid. That itself saves alot of cash.