Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Taking a Long Vacation

I'm into my second week of vacation here and I have to say I really am enjoying this second week at home. I'm not relaxing as much as my first week off, but I'm getting a ton of things done around the house and I'm not in a big rush to get in done in two days like a normal weekend.

This will result in me going back to work recharged since I had a week away from everything last week and I also get the benefit of having less to worry about at home since I clear off much of my to do list. Not to mention the house will be cleaned, the fridge will be full and the grass will be cut as I head back to work next week.

Perhaps the only drawback to a vacation at home would be the fact if you don't get away for a while it might not feel like a vacation. The upside of coarse is the home vacation is cheap. In total for two weeks off I will spend $500 on my vacation including gas, shopping and entertainment.

So next time you book time off considering taking a long period off. You might be able to sample the best of both a vacation away and at home.


guinness416 said...

When I complain about the awful vacation allowances most North Americans get (I relocated from Ireland where a lot of people have five weeks total + unlimited "sick days" and I believe you're legally supposed to take two consecutive weeks once a year) I'm often asked in amazement what people use all those weeks for at home. The answer is here ... gardening, home reno work, intensive time on personal planning, helping friends and family with similar tasks, etc. Here people feel so pressured in using every vacation day for travel and never relax.

telly said...

So true. I get 3 weeks vacation (my husband 2 but he takes unpaid vacation too) and I always feel like we need to make the most of it and go away somewhere. Then I feel like I need a vacation after the vacation. :(

I look forward to someday taking a week off just to lounge and get stuff done around the house. If that time ever comes!

Canadian Dream said...


I so agree. We are so messed up on what should be important. If I had five weeks I would take a month off every year.


Ah yes. The vacation from your vacation. That is the exact reason I wanted some time around the house this year.