Monday, July 16, 2007

Back to the Grind

So after fourteen days of not working I'm heading back to the grind this morning. I wish I could say that I'm ready to go and looking forward to it, but the truth of the matter was I really liked my time off. I wish I could enter semi retirement right now.

Yet this is not going to happen. This becomes the true problem with early retirement as a goal. I am constantly wanting it even if I know that I will be working for about another sixteen years.

So how do you get over this? There is no recipe or formula that works for everyone. I suggest most people make their lives as happy as possible right now and that takes out some of the sting. Remember money is nice, but try to focus on what really makes you the most happy for the least money. Playing with your kids or sex with your spouse don't cost a cent and can often be better for your health than many other forms of relaxation.

In the end, early retirement should be just the evolution of your life rather than your sole goal of going to work each day. Otherwise you can find your retirement a lonely place with few friends and enjoyments.


Mr. Cheap said...

My mother once commented that poor people have more kids because sex is free and other entertainment usually costs money. I think there's more to it then that, but you're right that its definitely a frugal (and enjoyable!) option.

The Financial Blogger said...

Early retirement also require that you have a lot of money. As you are in a better shape than at 55, you might want to do more things in a week.

Nonetheless, I think that these two "frugal activities" you mentioned are worth more than early retirement ;-)

Canadian Dream said...


Thanks for the comments.