Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Interveiw with The Money Diva

As bloggers goes the Money Diva has been a refreshing blast onto the Canadian Blog scene. She has a huge net worth, well written posts and a good sense of humor. Overall her blog is a joy to read and I was very grateful she recently took some time to let me interview her.

CD: On a recent visit to your blog I noticed a little redesign on the layout with some obvious sex appeal. So how much fun do you have being one of the few female personal finance bloggers in Canada?

MD: My new site design is meant to be sexy without taking it too seriously. I think that you have to have fun with what you're doing or there's no point. There do seem to be far more men than women in the PF blogosphere, but I rarely write from a specifically "female" perspective. I actually get very few comments that relate to my gender so I'm not sure how much people care.

CD: Good point. I have to admit once in a while I look at your net worth and feel a touch of envy. How did you manage to accumulate such a high net worth at your age?

MD: I got lucky and had good habits. I was able to keep my spending down when my income shot up, and I made a couple of good real estate purchases. I don't think that accumulating net worth is the smooth curve that the books show. Life throws good stuff at you sometimes and if you seize the opportunity then the effect can be significant. And conversely, you have to be able to manage when things don't go as planned.

CD: So are more into the idea of financial independence or early retirement? Why and when do you expect to get there?

MD: I suppose financial independence because I enjoy certain parts of working and I don't think that I want early and permanent retirement, although early mini-retirements are certainly an attractive option. I'd say that by age 45 I should be at a point where working becomes completely optional - you have the right idea there, I'd say!

CD: Thanks, I’m always glad to find people with similar goals. So far your blog has been going well, what's the most important thing you learned so far from blogging?

MD: Blogging has introduced me to a lot of people who have great intelligence and insight! My favorite part of blogging is the community.

CD: So with the community do you find it difficult to balance your business/blog/personal life like some of the other blogger have run into?

MD: Yes, balance is always difficult. Ironically when one part is going poorly another will often go well because I use it as an avoidance technique.

CD: Well that’s interesting. So to finish off what do you think the one thing people really need to do if they want to become better with their own finances?

MD: Spend less than you earn. It all starts from there....

CD: Well folks there’s another PF blogger interview for you. Thanks again MD for your time and best of luck with your blog.

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