Friday, January 12, 2007

New Housing Increases

Over at Canadian Financial Stuff, he has a interesting post on new housing prices going up. While reading the post I jumped over his source from The Daily (Statistics Canada). I expected the big gains in housing in Edmonton, Calgary but a was bit shocked that the next two highest cities for the year are Saskatoon(12.7%) and Regina(10.2%). Both Saskatchewan cities beat out Vancouver and Toronto for price increases year to date.

So what gives? Well SK going under a bit a boom partly from some carry over from Alberta oil industry, but there are some other interesting projects underway like the SaskPower Clean Coal Project which wants to build a $1.5 billion dollar Clean Coal power generation unit. Provided they approve it this year, it promises to be a near zero emission coal power plant. Then they have built the Canadian Light Source project is Saskatoon. Not bad for a province that was typically just known for wheat.


Jeadie5 said...

The thing I find telling about that report is that the growth in Alberta is about 4X anywhere else. Is this a bubble? Absolutely.

Canadian Dream said...


Too true. Alberta will burst sometime in the future that's why I got out of there last year to get back to SK.


Big Cajun Man said...

Also remember the samples in Toronto and Vancouver are a bit larger than some of the other cities too, and there is a large sample of "older" houses that folks can purchase. Larger market means standard deviation a little smaller.