Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Financially Independent

Financially Independent (FI) is the twin brother (or sister) to early retirement. Different package, but the same toy inside. You have enough money to not work if you so choose.

During my lunch break yesterday I can across a series of three posts on the attitude to achieve financial independence over at Violent Acres. They were vulgar, in your face, but true. Here are the three posts Part I, Part II and Part III.

What really got my attention, beyond the writing style, was in Part III there was one phrase that said "I guess the real question is: How bad do you want it?"

And that is the real test of wanting FI or early retirement. You have to understand how badly you want this dream of yours compared to everything else in your life and commit yourself to making that dream come true. Otherwise your plans will always seem to fall apart on you regardless of anything else. You have to find your motivation and commit yourself.

2 comments: said...

Loved the posts by Violent Acres and I think your right people just have to commit beyong saying "boy it would be nice to retire early" and then go out and spent/waste their investable money on frivolous consumer junk.

Canadian Dream said...


I rather enjoyed the posts too.

I think your right that it is nice to say 'I want to retire early', but it is something else to say 'I WILL retire early'.