Friday, December 15, 2006

Breaking 13K

Well it finally happened the TSX index broke 13,000 and stayed there long enough to close just over at 13,021. I have to say I'm really noticing this upswing on the market since I switched my RRSP to index funds (see here for details). I'm going to have to rebalance my funds in Jan since the TSX portion is well over it normal 25% level and crawling up to about 30% right now.

The only thing about this upswing that gets me nervous is waiting for a bit of market correction. It seems all investors are a bit too bullish on everything and I'm waiting for the shoe to drop, since we can't escape some slow down from the US. Meanwhile I'll build up some cash to go shopping for deals when we have another drop.

Have a good weekend,

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FrugalTrader said...

I've been waiting for a US correction since October! :) It will happen eventually, probably sooner than later I would say.