Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Comments on this Blog

Well over at Million Dollar Journey a bit a side debate started on who can leave comments on this blog. So I'm going to put this to the reader's to decide.

Your options included:

1) Let anyone post to this blog and we accept there will be spam which will have to be deleted.
2) Let anyone post to this blog, but use comment moderation to weed out the spam prior to being posted, which will result in delays between submitting a comment and having it posted.
3) Let only registered users post to this blog (the current default)

In order to have this as a fair vote I'm defaulting this blog to Option #1 for the next week. After that I'll go to what ever option you the reader's decide by the highest number of comments. So leave those comments and let me know what you want.


middleclassmillionaire said...

I vote for option 1 - let everyone post and take the good with the bad.

George W. said...

My vote is for option 2.

Mike said...

Publish everything!

Monty Loree said...

The problem comes if you get put on a blog spam list. Then you would want some protection.

It also depends the type of comments you want to attract. Do you want comments from anybody and everybody or do you want comments just from people that you know and are familiar with.

Are you getting lots of comments on your blog?

On I was getting 1200 spam comments each day until i put my protection mechanisms in place. I was spending along time cleaning out spam out of my databases.

As your blog grows and develops you can be choosy like
She puts the maximum amount of protection on her blog, and still gets tons of comments!!

I can't choose just one.. It depends on what your goals are for your blog. said...

When you switch to wordpress, i'll show you a few tricks to reduce your spam.

In the mean time, I would say option 2 is best.


Investoid said...

I'm also for option 2. Askimet for Wordpress is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Option 2.

Spammer said...

Why not option 1?

Canadian Capitalist said...

I am fine with #1 or #2.

Jordan said...

My vote is 2 or 3, I think as soon as the blog gets on the spam list some form of protection will be a necessity.