Thursday, April 12, 2007

Canadian Blog Tour

Well on Monday April 16th I will be part of the first Canadian PF Blog Tour hosted by Canadian Money Advisor. This should be interesting as he has managed to get a fair number of the PF bloggers I read together. If your interested in joining check out the link below to find out more or just wait until Monday when I have a link up for the tour.

Canadian Tour of Personal Finance Blogs

Have a great weekend,

PS: Well thanks for everyone who voted on what to do about comments on this blog. Two interesting things happened in the last week. First we only had ten votes on the comments post which shows to me the vast number of the reader's don't care which option I pick. Second, I noticed the spam I was getting before wasn't around this week at all. I have yet to delete anything. So since my major problem with comments (aka: spam) isn't around for now I'm going to leave the comments wide open (option#1). The 10 votes I did have indicated a preference for option #2, so if I start getting too much spam I'm reserving the right to start moderation on the comments.

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Money Coach said...

Lookin' forward to the tour!