Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Water War - Part II

A while back now I started working on ideas on how to reduce my water bill. So far the bulk of what I have done was change my habits around water. Yet just last week I changed out my downstairs toilet to a 6L flush model from my old 13L flush model.

I had originally planned to install a dual flush toilet downstairs due to the daycare, yet I changed my mind. Why? The capital costs involved were not really worth it. For example, I bought a 6L flush at Rona for $129 + tax, while a dual flush would have cost $225 + tax. The difference between the lower flush setting on the dual flush is 6 L - 4.1 L = 1.9L for the extra $96. Now given my water consumption charge is $0.88 per 1000L, that would mean I would have to use the lower flush option about 57,400 times before I would break even on the cost. So if I assume a generous 9 flushes a day I would have to use the toilet for about 17 years to break even. So you get the idea. It's not really worth doing unless you are going to live in a house for 20 years or more.

On another front I finally got most of the pieces I need to build my rain barrels. I was a bit stuck on what to use to the overflow system when I watched a rainstorm last month and saw how much water can fall in a short period of time. My downspouts looked like fire hoses. I've settled on using some PVC piping to do the job. So now I just need some time to put it all together and install them.

I'll keep you all posted on the savings on these changes make on my next water bill. Oh, yes, for those who want to know the 6L, white toilet from Rona flushes down everything with no problems in one flush.


telly said...

Hey CD - I've been waiting for Part II! :)

I'm happy to report that after noting that my husband and I used 34 cubic metres a few months back we're now down to 23 on our last bill (even after adding another bathroom). Hopefully we can get even lower since I just read that my city will increase water bills by 60%!! - giving us the highest water bills in the province. :(

We think a lot of the savings came from installing a low flow shower head (our other one seemed to dump water) and aerators on the sinks. We also changed over the toilet to a 6L and installed a 6L in the basement as well.

Believe it or not, I was able to pick up a 6L toilet for $44 at Lowe's in the US (the $33 ones were sold out). We're getting gouged in Canada!

The Financial Blogger said...

That makes me think I am lucky to not have to pay for water. I planted so many trees and flowers this year, I absolutely need water!

However, I think that we should all have to pay for water. There is too much waste right now.

Good luck with your water war!

Canadian Dream said...


Great to hear you dropped your water consumption by so much. Sorry to hear your water bill is going up 60%.

I'm thinking I need to visit the US to by my next toilet. They are really cheap!


I agree in general there is a lot of waste. I would like to see on my own bill a higher consumption cost and a lower fixed cost. So that way the wasteful people get the highest bills.


MoneyMusing said...

Forgive my ignorance if this is an obvious question, but what will you be doing with the rain water you collect?

Filtering it and piping it back into your water system? Or am I thinking too much! Maybe it's just for watering plants, lawn, etc.

Canadian Dream said...


Filtering and bringing back into the system? No, I'm not doing anything that complicated. It's just for outdoor watering.


telly said...

Financial blogger, why would you not have to pay for water?